Stella working the
crowd at a large
trade show in
Salt Lake City
Stella  in a      
"drool off"


Foxxy (upper left w/ Rossario Dawson) and Flash (upper right
w/ James Marsden & Jesse Bradford) as they appeared in the
April 2005 edition of  InStyle Magazine for a photo shoot at the
Sundance Film Festival, Park City, UT
                     GLADYS & THE TOY MANCHESTERS
              Here are some fun shots of Gladys (at 8 months old) enjoying the company of
                                     9 week old Manchester Terrier pups.  Fun had by all!!
When my good friend Trudy (who ran Saint Bernard Rescue of Utah) passed away
suddenly in November 2012, it fell to me to get the dogs she had into alternate
She had 4 Saints and 1 Saint-Pyrenees mix.  These were placed in other
Saint and Pyrenees Rescues.  Natalie was around 9 years old and had been with Trudy
for 8 months.  I knew if she went into a kennel situation she would not fair well and her
chances for adoption were slim, so I decided she would come home with me and
Westhaven would be her forever home.  She  settled in well.  I wondered about her
being all Saint, thinking an English Setter may have been involved somehow.
Remembering her dotty face still makes me smile.  Don't worry, Trudy, Natalie was
loved and safe and your other dogs are being well cared for.