sire - Westhaven's Live Long and Prosper
dam - Ranna vom Hellenstein
Seven years go we sold a male pup to Andrew Luscher.  Andrew was a Swiss
veterinarian living in the midwest.  The pup was registered Westhaven's Live Long and
Prosper - call name "Capone".  A couple years later, Andrew returned to Switzerland to
work with the Barry Foundation - the caretakers of the original Saint Bernard kennel of the
Hospice du Grand St. Bernard.  Capone also emigrated to the birthplace of the Saint
Bernard breed and was accepted into the breeding program.
In March 2014, Capone became the proud papa to a litter of 12 (the largest litter ever
produced for the Foundation).  Westhaven and the Foundation negotiated a puppy swap
and Kiara came to live in America in exchange for a future Westhaven puppy to be
returned to the Hospice.

Kiara flew direct from Geneva, Switzerland to Washington, DC where she spent a few
days with WhoDat Saints to decompress.  She then flew home to us in Utah  - 8500 miles.  
She is smart, curious, outgoing, and fearless.   Every new person and adventure is
greeted with a grin and a wagging tail.

We are honored and excited to have this historic connection with the birthplace of the
Saint Bernard .

                   Learn more about the Barry Foundation on their website -

touchdown in Salt Lake City
Our first photos from Switzerland of Kiara - 11 weeks old
New home, family, and friends
Great Grandma
New best friends Chumlee & Runner
born - 03/07/2014
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Meeting Aunt Ishka for the first
time.  Ishka lives close by.